Status Active
Bedrooms 34
Living Area 1,700 sqm
Lot Size 80 hectares
Composed Of 18 Apartments
Corporate Retreat
Country Club Comm
Mountain View

Via Ludovico Ariosto 20
Tavernelle, Italy


Garden, Pool.


Hills View, Panoramic, View.


Location Less than half an hour from Fabro Toll on the Highway A1 Rome-Florence, across the quietness of the Umbrian-Tuscany countryside, lush in its woods and industrious in its cultivated fields, you reach an uncontaminated corner of Umbria, where only the traces of an ancient Etruscan settlement and of country houses scattered across the countryside, reveal the importance of the place and its thousand-year-old history. It is here, 25 minutes from Perugia, Chiusi, the Trasimeno Lake and Città della Pieve that the hamlet Po’ Sante di Sotto lies. 750 metres above sea level, you may admire unique landscapes, changeable works of art, spontaneously painted by passing seasons, with their springtime green and blue, orange and yellow in autumn, to the deep pink shades of sunset. Description of buildings High on top of the hill, embraced by its boundary walls, there lies Po’ Sante di Sotto. The hamlet was born from the work of an architect, a passionate scholar of Middle Age History and, thanks to his ten-year experience in the restoration of Umbrian hamlets and monasteries, an enthusiast expert of the building techniques of that time. The complex aims at the recreation of the fortified villages that developed in the 13th and 14th centuries, to house and to protect the population of the rural communities. So is Po’ Sante di Sotto, on a dominating position, with its confined planimetric plant, the mighty walls facing the valley to scan the territory, with its central square and the church. The complex extends on a total surface of 1600 sq. metres, containing 18 independent dwellings all with private entrance and garden, while the park and the pool are in common. Each dwelling is a true jewel, different from the other ones, yet coherent in the finishing Conditions and finishings La stessa meticolosità e lo studio che hanno preceduto la progettazione degli spazi, si ritrovano nella scelta dei materiali e delle finiture. Le mura sono rivestite in pietra locale, i pavimenti sono tutti in cotto fatto a mano, utilizzato anche per i soffitti in travi di legno e pianelle. L'obbiettivo è stato quello di creare una nuova struttura perfettamente integrata nel paesaggio naturale e storico del luogo. Gli ambienti, i passaggi, le stanze si susseguono e si articolano in forme e dimensioni diverse dettate come un tempo dalle continue e rinnovate necessità ma studiati anche per essere funzionali alla vita di oggi nel massimo comfort. Le tinte naturali delle pareti presentano sfumature calde che ben si accostano ai colori della terra cotta dei mattoni, ai grigi e all'ocra delle pietre arenarie, al legno contribuendo a creare un'accogliente atmosfera. *** Attualmente la struttura è in fase di ultimazione tuttavia verrà venduta completamente ultimata e rifinita, come si può vedere dalle soprastanti foto esterne e interne che mostrano una struttura realizzata dallo stesso architetto con rifiniture perfettamente analoghe. Le foto riportano anche un esempio di finiture interne con arredo, quest'ultimo non incluso nella proprietà che verrà ceduta finita ma priva di arredi. Gardens and shared park Each dwelling has its own private garden, to which you add the park with pool that surrounds the hamlet, whose confines are lost in the landscape, in the woods and hills to the horizon. Use and possibilities Water supply: yes Electricity: yes Heating system: yes (l.p.g. gas) Telephone: yes Every apartment is completely independent and supplied with all modern facilities. Use and possibilities Even if in the last one thousand years the way of living of all of us has changed quite a lot, there are still some aspects and needs that a hamlet like Po’ Sante di Sotto can answer to with a modern reassessment. After all, it still represents a shelter in which you may find refuge in peace, quietness, far from the tumultuous city life, till your spirit finds tranquillity. Po' Sante di Sotto is located in excellent position, a secluded area that nonetheless is at only 7 minutes from the closest village, less than half an hour away from some among the most important artistic towns of Umbria and Tuscany, 25 minutes away from the Highway A1. The complex represents an ideal investment for those who wish to realise an accommodation activity (the area has already been destined for hotel activity), perfect for an Italian and, above all, an International target of medium/high level, in search of peace, nature, art and history in the two regions, Umbria and Tuscany, that among the Italian regions are the most requested abroad.

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